ST. LOUIS – The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) is reminding deer hunters in advance of how they can avoid potential violations by properly tagging and telechecking harvests.

Deer archery hunting season is underway and firearms season will begin as soon as this weekend for some, according to MDC.

Kansas City’s Region Protection Captain Joni Bledsoe shared what hunters should do to prepare.

“They should buy all their permits early,” Bledsoe said, “They should read over the regulations and if they have any questions, call their local conservation agent.”

Not purchasing the correct permit for a deer that is submitted to TeleCheck prior to harvesting it is a regularly encountered violation. Hunters telechecking a deer on the day of harvest by 10 p.m. and attaining their paper permit are also violations.

Here is a list of key details to follow.

Have a deer hunting permit before hunting. Buying a permit after harvest is a violation.Hunting deer over bait is illegal.After harvesting a deer, and before transporting it, make sure you have ‘notched’ your permit. By doing this, you are invalidating your permit. Paper permit hunters need to notch the date as well as the month of the harvest. Those using the Missouri Hunting Mobile app can simply click on the permit valid for the deer and then click on the ‘notch’ icon.Telechecking your deer by 10:00 p.m. on the day taken is the final step. ‘Notching’ a permit is not considered telechecking. Before processing (skin or quartering) a deer, the animal must be telechecked. Either by computer, phone, or through the mobile application.

For more information about deer hunting regulations, click here.