ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Election officials in the City of St. Louis and St. Louis County encouraged voters to take advantage of the opportunity to vote absentee without stating an excuse. 

Missouri no longer requires a reason to vote absentee.  

“You should utilize it,” said Ben Borgmeyer, St. Louis City Democratic election director. “It’s a great opportunity for voters.”  

Rick Stream, Republican director of elections for St. Louis County, said the county has already seen an increase in voters casting absentee ballots.  

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“Certainly, at a couple of locations, it’s been very heavy,” he said.  

For registered voters in St. Louis County, click here to find more information about where to vote. To find voting information for registered voters in St. Louis City, click here.  

St. Louis County is also looking for approximately 35 more election judges for election day. Stream said more Republican judges are needed for a polling place in the north county.  

“If we’re not fully staffed, we’re still going to be able to operate,” he said. “We just won’t have a full staff.”  

Stream said the work pays $250 plus the potential for travel reimbursement, depending on how far they need to travel. He said anyone interested call the election board at 314-615-1865.  

Missouri’s new photo ID law is also in effect. Registered voters casting an absentee ballot will need an ID that meets the new requirements.

Registered voters casting a ballot on election day, Nov. 8, can cast a provisional ballot if they do not have an ID. They will have to sign their ballot. Election officials will then check to see if the signature matches the voter’s signature on file before the ballot is counted.