ST. LOUIS – People across the St. Louis area are coming together to heal as the community mourns the lives lost during a deadly shooting at a south city high school.

Rain washed away some of the messages and handwritten cards, but the emotions are still raw.

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“I’m still processing this and, you know, being here is kind of a way of doing that,” Charlie Miksieck said. “Paying my respects and just, you know, hoping this doesn’t happen again.”

Miksieck, a graduate of Central Visual and Performing Arts High School, does not know anyone affected directly by the deadly shooting. He just wanted to bring out roses and pay his respects.

“Just sadness, sympathy for all the families that were affected. Even the shooter’s family, too. It’s been very hard on them, too,” he said.

Many people who visited the memorial in front of the high school didn’t know anyone personally impacted but wanted to show their support.

“I just came to see…just to say hello to the people that lost so much, you know? It’s a terrible thing,” Jerry Simpson said.

Around the school are signs showing support for St. Louis police.

“Their response is wonderful,” said Miksicek. “Thank you to all first responders.”