RICHMOND HEIGHTS, Mo. – Four people were in custody Monday morning after a carjacking led to a shooting in north St. Louis County.

The shooting happened around 8:30 a.m. at Big Bend Boulevard and Interstate 64. Four men stole a vehicle in Sunset Hills and were tracked by the vehicle owner’s family member via GPS, according to the Richmond Heights Police Department (RHPD). The relative tracked the car to Richmond Heights, where they confronted the four men who stole the car. The relative of the vehicle’s owner took out a gun and shot at the suspects, wounding one of the men.

Three men in the car were arrested near the scene by Richmond Heights Police Department. The other man who was shot was taken to a nearby hospital with no life-threatening injuries.

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The family member who shot at the suspects was arrested on the scene. The police are still looking for one more suspect.

In a release posted on Facebook, RHPD wrote it had found two guns that had been “ditched” by the suspects. Later in the morning, the police department received reports of a man, matching the description of the fourth suspect, looking through bushes near the area where the guns had been tossed.

“This is a common tactic used by fleeing suspects so that if they are caught, they are not caught with guns,” the release from RHPD read. “However, if they successfully flee, they likely return to retrieve their weapons.”

Richmond Heights Police Department is asking anyone who witnesses suspicious behavior to call 911. The department said it will increase its presence in the area.