ST. LOUIS, Mo.—Anheuser-Busch will light up the “Flying Eagle” sign on I-64 near Grand Avenue this afternoon at 5 p.m. The sign has been in St. Louis since 1962, and the brewer recently restored the landmark.

The renovation took over a year to complete. Local builders, craftsmen, dedicated A-B teams, government liaisons, real estate experts, and more were on the team. They helped to ensure the sign will continue to shine brightly for years to come.

The Flying Eagle’s neon bulbs have been replaced with LED lights. There is also a new LED board to show the American flag. This will help keep the sign operating for decades.

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A brief history of the sign

The sign was built in 1953 by Artkraft-Strauss in New York. The sign was originally installed on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles. It was moved to its current home in St. Louis in 1962.

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The eagle part of the sign was designed by animator Bryon Rabbit. He studied the flight motion of an eagle for his schematic drawings. The iconic “A&Eagle” measures 25 feet by 33 feet.

The sign used more than a mile of neon tubing to create intricate design and changes as the A&Eagle takes flight.

The “A” part of the logo is now filled with over 1,000 LED lamps. They designed the bulbs to turn on from the bottom up – like beer being poured into a glass that is filling up.