ST. LOUIS – The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department is sending a dire warning to residents after an armed robber was shot and killed at a gas station near downtown St. Louis.

The incident happened around 6 a.m. Wednesday at the Zoom Gulf Gas Station near the intersection of North Tucker Boulevard and O’Fallon Street.

“We are having some of these incidents where people are pumping gas and people are coming up stealing their vehicles or stealing belongings out of their vehicle,” said Sgt. Charles Wall with SLMPD. “If they run into the gas station. So we ask everyone be mindful of their surroundings. Take their keys fob with them while they’re at the gas station. Because there has been somewhat of a spike in these type of incidents at gas stations citywide.”

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Gerrica Harris was on her way to work and needed gas when she saw the crime scene.

“I’m tired of this going on. People work hard for their things. I’m coming to get gas for work and for that to happen,” Harris said. “It’s not good at all, it needs to be stopped.”

Police said a man attempted to rob the driver of a white Chevy Malibu while he was getting gas, but the victim shot the suspect. The suspect ran about half a block from the scene. He later collapsed and died from his injuries.

“You have to be careful out here. I live right down the road and especially late at night,” said Jasmine Kelley. “We hear gunshots all the time. It’s scared sometimes to go outside.”

St. Louis homicide detectives are investigating the incident and pulling surveillance video from the gas station to see what led to the shooting. Police say firearms were recovered from both the deceased suspect and the patron.