PEVELY, Mo. – Pevely residents are upset about the water boil orders and advisories, the most recent of which was issued on Tuesday for 72 hours.

This week’s water advisory is hitting a boiling point with residents.

“It’s just been a constant battle,” said Erica Tyz, a Pevely resident. “The kids have come home on several occasions stating that the water pressure at the school was low and that they were unable to flush the toilets or use the water fountains.”

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“I’m glad they’re trying to get this resolved, but I just wish we knew more in advance when we were going to be without water, so we can be better prepared,” said Caren Leonard.

Over the last couple of months, the city has been working on replacing old concrete pipes that have been there for over 70 years with similar types, which are plastic. The hope is that the more durable material will make it an improvement, and boil orders and advisories will not be as frequent in the future.

In the last eight months, there have been five advisories and boil orders. Three of which have been a result of the project.

“You’re exposing these pipes, they’re seeing daylight, they’re seeing air for the first time since World War II,” said Andy Hixson, Pevely city administrator. “When they break, you have to issue a water advisory to make sure if it goes on 22 psi, it’s safe for our residents.”

This week’s advisory was planned after removing an old pipe that caused the water pressure to dip.

“They’re working in an 8-foot by 4-foot concrete box to get a 4-inch pipe cut, replaced, and shut off all within about three hours,” Hixson said. “So what happened yesterday was a slight inconvenience. We don’t have to worry about this for the next 70 years; I think that’s a tradeoff most people would be willing to take.”

The last phase of the improvements will be done in the next couple of months.