ST. LOUIS – A warm day in February with highs in the upper 50s means some people took advantage of the great weather, spending time out of the house or office.

Matthew Smegner and Casey Lang decided to spend some time playing golf at Forest Park.

“Why not golf? It’s relaxing, it’s fun, get to hang out with great people,” Smegner said. “It’s an absolutely beautiful day to come out here, hit a few golf balls, relax… just gorgeous weather. Got to take advantage of it.”

Because at this time last year, it was chilly.

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“It’s astonishing. Last year, I remember in February like this time, I was freezing on the golf course,” Lang said. “And this year it’s great, 65 degrees in February? Can’t complain about it.”

Vitaly Vavrinyuk went to the park to walk his German Shepherd, Kaiser.

“It’s absolutely marvelous outside. It’s crisp, especially Kaiser here, he loves the weather,” he said. “He’ll go outside any time. And we just want to enjoy the weather, get some exercise in, and get those endorphins running.”

Vavrinyuk said he moved from Washington State and is new to the area. He said he’s enjoying the St. Louis sunshine.

“I actually like all seasons, but right now, I’m not going to complain about the warmth because, hey, I like going outside,” Vavrinyuk said.

It’s also a great day for kids to go out and play. Shonnique Hall took her family to the playground.

“My daughter actually, she’s playing, the dog…we just wanted to get out of the house,” Hall said. “I’ve actually been sick for a week, so I wanted to give her some time; we’ve been in the house. We just play. Sometimes we go to the park; sometimes we go outings. Today, we came to Forest Park; I don’t live far from here.”